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Sharp MX-B450W/B350W

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A4 Mono Multifunction System

The MX-B450W/B350W is a compact and versatile B&W document solutions that adds real value to any workplace. Whether in a large or small office, it offers space-efficient productivity and 4-in-1 functionality. Its built-in wireless LAN connectivity brings office-wide convenience and the ability to join a network of A3/A4 MFDs. With its small footprint of 428 x 507 mm, the MX-B450W/B350W fits easily on a desk or under a counter. Wherever you place it, you’ll enjoy solid performance and a smooth workflow.

  • Super efficient output
  • Accommodates various paper sizes
  • Direct printing & scanning with USB    
  • Wireless connection 
    This MFD offers ultra-handy wireless access via two easy modes (Infastructure & Access Point), enabling convenient access to the MFD even from places where it’s difficult to connect a LAN cable.
  • Full-colour network scanning with multiple scan destinations
  • Two-way sharing with mobile devices
    With Sharpdesk Mobile, users can import documents scanned on the MFD to their mobile devices for previewing and saving. And files on a mobile device can be printed out on the MFD, sent as e-mail attachments, or used in other applications.

Print Environment Assessment & Fleet Optimization

Our MPS Analysts undertake a step-by-step process to meet your unique objectives. We assist with the creation of an ideal fleet where all devices are networked, monitored, right sized and properly placed in order to improve productivity, operational efficiencies and ultimately reduce the overall cost of ownership. Our in-depth assessment allows us to properly evaluate the true cost related to fleet migration and the resources that will be required before, during, and after implementation of a managed print services solution.

Service & Maintenance Agreements

SHARP Business Equipment have a service infrastructure in place to support the sale of this excellent equipment that no-one can match. Ongoing support is the only way to ensure that the standards put in place at the beginning of our relationship are maintained.

• On-site service & maintenance
• Priority response to breakdown service calls
• All parts & labour
• Training of operators

Simplified Cost-per-Copy Plan

Our cost-per-copy (CPC) plan helps to dramatically reduce printing related costs by only paying for what actually prints. If you decide to replace older devices with newer equipment, the cost of hardware can be incorporated into the CPC rate, with no additional capital expenditure required.

Just-In-Time Parts & Consumables

Our monitoring and management processes make sure you have the parts and supplies you need exactly when you need them to avoid downtime. Gone are the days when stock of parts and supplies can accumulate, not only taking up valuable space but also representing nonperforming capital.

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Secure Print Release for Mobile Workers

Dynamic print routing enhances mobility by allowing employees to print securely and to virtually any networked printer directly from their mobile device. Print jobs are released when you are ready to pick them up from a networked MFP following user authentication. This reduces duplication or forgotten documents as well as ensuring sensitive documents are not viewed by others, thus helping to reduce waste and maintain compliance with stringent industry regulations.

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